2018 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards Medals


Congratulations to the 2018 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards Gold Medal winners. These products represent the finest as assessed by our judging panel and these products are in the running for the category Champions, Supreme Champion and special awards to be announced on Thursday 26 April 2018. 


Clevedon Buffalo Company, Marinated Buffalo Cheese

Clevedon Buffalo Company, Marinated Buffalo Cheese Chilli and Lime

Cranky Goat Ltd, The Reginald

Jersey Girl Organics, A2 Organic Milk

Over the Moon, Dairy Volcano

The Drunken Nanny, Lemony Lush

The Drunken Nanny, Goat Milk Kefir

Whitestone Cheese Company, Ohau Goat’s Blue

Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery, Ca Phe Da


Forage & Ferment, Marigold & Turmeric Wild Kraut

Forty Thieves, Salted Macadamia with Maple and Vanilla

Ghiotto, Amaretti Morbidi

Jenny’s Kitchen, Tamarind Chutney Hot

Line’s Knækbrød, Rosemary and Hauraki Sea Salt

Paneton Bakery, Ready To Rise Croissants

Levantine Tahini-Biscuits Medjool Dates

The Clareville Bakery, Miche (Sour Dough)

The Lucky Taco, Habanero Hot Sauce

The Whole Mix, Spiralised Zucchini Noodles

Traditional Country Preserves, Sugar Free Plum Conserve

Earth (Drink)

Hill Road, Fresh Orange Juice


Genevieve’s, Mahurangi Oyster Mousse


Grass Fed Girls, Lamb

Homegrown Farm Fresh Meats, Gourmet Whole Lamb Box

Turk’s Poultry, Corn-Fed Free Range Fresh Butterflied Chicken Sriracha Chilli & Lime

Total: 25 Golds



Bellefield Cultured Butter, Chilli & Lime Flavour

Cranky Goat Ltd, Soft Goats Cheese

Cranky Goat Ltd, The Nag

Dr Feelgood, Banoffee Banana Caramel and Cream Creamy Ice Pop

Duck Island Ice Cream, Salted Caramel with Cacao Crumb

The Drunken Nanny, Fresh Lush

The Drunken Nanny, Dill Lush

Whitestone, Lindis Pass Brie

Whitestone, Lindis Pass Camembert

Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery, Chocolate-Covered Banana


Barker’s of Geraldine, Black Cherry & Vanilla with Apple Fruit Compote

Beekist®, Chef’s Selection Tomatoes

Billow Wholegrain Sourdough, “Whole-in-the head”

Blue Frog Breakfast, Kaipara Kumara Maple and Mixed Spice Cereal

Clevedon Herbs & Produce, Our Veg Box

Dr Feelgood, Pink Lemonade Ice-Block

For the Love of Tams, Tamarillo Relish

Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey 100+ MGO Honey

Greytown Honey, Kamahi Honey

Hauraki Salt, Flake Sea Salt

Harraways Oat-activ ® – Original Oats

I Love Baking, Munchy Choc Chip Cookies

Marlborough Garlic, Garlic Noir

Molly Woppy, Gluten Free Sticky Date Walnut & Chia Handmade Artisan Cookies

Molly Woppy, Chewy Ginger Delight Handmade Artisan Cookies

OOB Organic, Organic Smoothie Mix

Pinoli Premium Pine Nuts

Port Larder, Indian Date Chutney

Proper Crisps, Garden Medley

Purewei, Dessert Jar

Taylor Farms, Sesame Chili Stir Fry Kit

The Clareville Bakery, Clareville Cracker (Lavash Style Flatbread)

The Clareville Bakery, Ginger Snap Cookies

The Clareville Bakery, Honey & Cinnamon Cookies

The Lucky Taco, Chipotle Hot Sauce

The Whole Mix, Spiralised Butternut Noodles

The Whole Mix, Spiralised Noodle Medley

Waiheke Herbs, Herb Spread

YUM, Dark Chocolate Granola

Ziggy Ardor Saffron Tawiri Honey

Earth (Drink)

Aroha Drinks, Quince and Lime Sparkling

Barker’s of Geraldine, Brewed Ginger Beer

Kiwi Crush, Classic


A Lady Butcher, NZ Wagyu Bresaola

Agreeable Nature, Pastured Free Range Eggs

Dad’s Pies, Craft Range Beef Bourguignon with Mustard Cheddar

Genevieve’s, Truffled Duck Liver Parfait

Genevieve’s, Original Chicken Liver Parfait

Lake Farm, Scotch Fillet

Pastrami & Rye, Pastrami

Patangata Station, Angus Chef Rib

Patangata Station, Suffolk Texel Premium Lamb Rack

Turk’s Poultry, Corn Fed Free Range Fresh Whole Chicken

Turk’s Poultry, Corn-Fed Free Range Fresh Butterflied Chicken Filipino Pinoy BBQ

Turk’s Poultry, Corn-Fed Free Range Fresh Chicken Nibbles

Waipawa Butchery, Lamb Merguez Chipolata

Waipawa Butchery Famous Beef Sausages

Total: 57 Silvers



Bellefield Butter, Sea Salt Cultured Butter

Cartwheel Creamery, Marinated Feta

Caprilac, Fresh Goat Milk

The Drunken Nanny, Pasteurised Goat Milk

Whitestone, Shenley Station Cheese


Barker’s of Geraldine, Creamy Coconut & NZ Lime Dressing

Barker’s of Geraldine, Seville Orange Spreadable Fruit

Beagle’s Bees 100% Honey, Autumn Reserve

Bonnie, Seaweed & Walnut Oatcakes

Blue Frog Breakfast, Vanilla Bean and Chia Probiotic Porridge

Blue Frog Breakfast, Peanut Butter Cacao and Raspberry Cereal

For the Love of Tams, Tamarillo Vinaigrette

Forage & Ferment, Nasturtium & Beetroot Wild Kraut

Forage & Ferment, Kawakawa Lemongrass & Dill Wild Kraut

Forty Thieves, 100% Almond Butter

Genevieve’s, Lime & Parmesan Dressing

Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey 200+ MGO Honey

Greytown Honey, Wildflower Honey

Hunter Gatherer, Gourmet Ginger Crunch Slice Mix

I Love Baking, Ginger Ninja Cookies

Ludbrook House, Fig Conserve

Ludbrook House, Lime Syrup with Chilli

Molly Woppy, Gluten Free Choccy Coconut Ruff Handmade Artisan Cookies

Meadow Mushrooms, Swiss Brown Mushrooms

Paneton Bakery, Mixed Grain Loaf

Taylor Farms, Caesar Salad Bowl

The Clareville Bakery, Hot Cross Buns

The Damson Collection, Plum & Walnut Terrine

The Lucky Taco, Jalapeno Hot Sauce

The Lucky Taco, Chilli Salt with Lemon n’ Lime

The Whole Mix, Asian Salad

The Whole Mix, Super Salad

Ziggy Ardor, Saffron Tawari Honey

Zoe Bone Foods, Plum Paste

Zoe Bone Foods, Spiced Carrot & Garlic Chutney

Earth (Drink)

Barker’s of Geraldine, Premium Dry Cola Classic Soda Syrup

The Kvas Company, Brod Ruby


Prodigal Daughter Cured Salmon


A Lady Butcher, Free Range Coppa

Frenz, Certified Free Range Mixed Eggs

Olliff Farm, Premium Pasture Eggs

Waitaki Bacon & Ham, Naked Waitaki Shoulder Pork

Waitaki Bacon & Ham, Naked Pork Belly


Total: 42 highly commended