Potatoes New Zealand

Potatoes New Zealand (PNZ) represents potatoes growers, processors and allied suppliers. Its responsible for promoting the needs of the potato industry, as well as potatoes and potato products. New Zealand has more than 160 registered potato grower companies producing 479,000 metric tonnes of potatoes, from 10,700 planted hectares. The value of the industry is $814 million per annum from fresh potatoes, processed/frozen potatoes (fries), crisps and seed potatoes. Potatoes NZ is proud to partner with the Outstanding Producer New Zealand Awards.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Jointly funded by farmers, retailers and processors, Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc is responsible for the promotion of beef and lamb within New Zealand. Beef + Lamb New Zealand work on various initiatives to communicate the benefits of red meat to Kiwis including the ‘Iron Maidens’, mEAT Magazine, retailer/food service programmes and the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark. To learn more, or for hundreds of delicious meal ideas visit recipes.co.nz